Return and refund policy

Product Return Policy, Right of Withdrawal, Conditions for Claiming a Wrong Product, and Payment Reversal

Online customers will have a term of 14 business days after product delivery to exercise their right of withdrawal. If the product does not have the technical characteristics reported, is damaged, or is incomplete, it can be exchanged immediately in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the consumer must comply with general conditions, which are detailed in the “General Conditions for a Withdrawal” section. When a product has specific conditions for exercising the right of withdrawal, this will be specified in the product characteristics. After submitting the withdrawal on the Online Shopping page, the customer will have a maximum of 48 business hours to send the reverse logistics guide for the return of the product. If it is not sent within the first 5 calendar days after the guide is sent, it will be understood that the customer wishes to cancel the withdrawal.

General Conditions for a Withdrawal

  • To be able to make an exchange or return, it is necessary to present the receipt, dispatch guide, exchange ticket, or other proof of purchase.
  • The product must not be damaged or deteriorated by actions corresponding to the customer.
  • The product must have original labels, accessories, and packaging (including manuals, usage guides, warranty certificates, and sales invoice if received).
  • The product must not show signs of use, dirt, or wear.
  • The purchased product must not be perishable, personal or intimate use.
  • For specially manufactured or customized products, returns will not be accepted unless they are due to the quality of the product.
  • Our Exchange Policy may be modified without prior notice.
  • The shipping charge will not be refunded.
  • Any exchange/return, if applicable, will be refunded in the same manner as it was paid.
  • Changes in products due to low inventory rotation or over-ordering are not accepted, except for specific agreements and/or authorized by the Commercial Management.

We inform you that under no circumstances will we be able to accept product returns or exchanges, even if you have received confirmation if any of the following cases apply:

The product has been used.
The packaging or product boxes have non-original labels or are violated, scratched, dented, dirty, or have been mishandled in any other way.
The packaging or boxes are not original or have been opened.
The product was requested on backorder.
The product is expired, discontinued, or out of line.
The product was sold under a special promotion or clearance.
For products that were specifically ordered or for promotional offers, returns or refunds will not be accepted.
Your order, receipt, and/or invoice include the legend “No Returns” and/or “No Cancellation” or something similar that implies that your product cannot be exchanged or returned.
The following will be considered as a fault or defect:

Products are subject to mandatory safety or quality standards that do not comply with the specifications.
If the materials, parts, pieces, elements, substances, or ingredients that constitute or integrate the products do not correspond to the specifications they claim to have or to the labeling mentions.
Products that, due to deficiencies in manufacturing, processing, materials, parts, pieces, elements, substances, ingredients, structure, quality, or sanitary conditions, are not entirely suitable for the use for which they are intended or for the use that the supplier had indicated in its advertising.
If the supplier and the consumer have agreed that the products covered by the contract must meet certain specifications and this does not happen.
If after the first time, the return has been made, the deficiencies persist that make the product unfit for the use referred to in point 3. This right will remain for the event of a deficiency that was the subject of technical service, or if the same one reoccurs.
If the product covered by the contract has hidden effects or defects that make it impossible to use it for the purpose for which it is usually intended.

Procedure for Exchanges and/or Returns

  • The customer must present the sales receipt or invoice to request an exchange and/or return via email to, informing of the intention to return. Comprar en Línea reserves the right to accept the exchange and/or return.
  • If merchandise is received with damaged packaging or boxes, it will be the customer’s responsibility to specify it on the invoice or guide at the time of receiving the product, since otherwise, claims or guarantees will not be accepted later on products with damaged packaging and this will serve as a precedent.

Conditions for the Right of Return

In the case of returns generated by omissions by the customer, Comprar en Línea is NOT RESPONSIBLE for additional costs generated, so the customer agrees to cover any additional cost incurred due to the return. This includes outbound shipping, return shipping, transfer insurance costs, damaged or missing merchandise, and any other additional charges.

Effective from 16.02.2023.